Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kitchen Tip of the Day- How to Make an Iced Coffee or Enjoy Fresh Brewed Iced Tea at Home..... without melting your ice

When the summer months come around, aside from a nice "adult" cocktail there isn't much I want more then a wonderfully icy cold Iced Coffee with lots of milk or a glass of Fresh Brewed Iced Tea (no instant for me!)  The only problem is the heat factor.  Did you ever wonder how to make one of these at home without watering down your beverage or having to wait forever until it cools down enough to not melt your ice cubes?

When I mentioned my little trick to some friends the other night, they said right away I needed to share it on here.  It's quite simple really, and only uses one little piece of equipment-  One metal teaspoon.  Yep, that's it!

sorry about the spill... it is tricky to pour and take a picture at the same time...haha

Fill your glass all the way to the top with ice cubes.  Stick a metal teaspoon into your glass of ice.  Slowly pour your hot coffee or tea into the glass.  Metals are the best thermal conductors, because of this all of the heat from the beverage will be attracted to the spoon, leaving your ice cubes mostly in tact and will quickly cool down your once hot beverage.  Remove the spoon and enjoy!


  1. holy CRAP. honestly, I was just telling Brandon that I want to invent something that is like a microwave but does the exact opposite: cools down your food quickly. I needed a contraption like that so I could make iced coffee quickly!! Thank you so freaking much for this tip!!! It's genius. No anti-microwave needed!

  2. Hahahhaa! Yay to no Anti-Microwave!! :) You are too cute. I am thrilled i helped you out! On a side note, did you happen to see my message to you on facebook about Fridays, Feasting with Friends?



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