Monday, January 11, 2010

It Isn't Always a Bad Thing to be Sneaky

You don't even need to have your own kids to know that it isn't always easy to get children to eat their vegetable's. We have our definite up's and down's when it comes to how much Jackson likes (or is willing) to eat them.  Sometimes the only way I can get them into his diet is to be a bit sneaky and hide them in some of his favorites dishes.  So when I stumbled across this macaroni and cheese recipe by Hungry Girl.  I was dying to give it a try. It takes Jackson's favorite- Mac 'n Cheese and sneakily adds diced cheesy cauliflower to it.  It is a wonderful alternative to the high fat neon orange stuff we usually have in our pantry.

This recipe was a HUGE hit. Not only did he gobble it up, but after each bite he had to tell me "Mmmm, this is yummy Mommy!" or "Mommy, this is gooood!" He asks for the "Super Cheesy Mac 'n Cheese" all the time and I feel great about making for him. Plus, Scott and I love it too. The only altering I did to this recipe was to chop up the cauliflower into tiny pieces so he wouldn't notice they were there. Since the first time making it, I can now keep the vegetables larger and he still loves it just as much.

Too-EZ Mac 'n Cheese

Photo and recipe courtesy of Hungry Girl

1 package Green Giant Family Size Cauliflower & Three Cheese Sauce (freezer aisle)
2 cups uncooked Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat Blend Rotini Pasta (or another whole-wheat or whole-wheat-blend pasta)
3 wedges of The Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss cheese
salt and black pepper, to taste

Prepare pasta according to the instructions on the box, and then drain well and set aside. While pasta is cooking, place contents of the cauliflower & sauce package in a large microwave-safe bowl. Cover and microwave for 12 - 16 minutes, until sauce has melted and cauliflower is hot. Once the bowl is cool enough to handle, remove it from the microwave and add cooked pasta. Set aside. Unwrap cheese wedges and place in a small microwave-safe dish. Microwave for 30 seconds. Stir until smooth, and then add to the bowl. Mix thoroughly, ensuring that the Laughing Cow cheese is evenly distributed and the pasta and cauliflower are coated in cheese sauce. If you like, season to taste with salt and pepper. Enjoy!


  1. I AM WONDERING HOW THIS TASTES WITH "SWISS" CHEESE??? Maybe tha swiss cheese taste is covered up with the chesse sauce from the Caulifower and three cheese sauce...sounds good and obviously much more healthy than the "neon" stuff.
    Tera Pepper

  2. Have you ever had Laughing Cow, Tera? It is sooooo creamy and so amazing. It has a super mild flavor, not strong at all like most swiss cheeses. It adds a wonderful creaminess and depth to the pasta. There are other flavors for Laughing Cow, so you could try out those as well, but we like the original best in this recipe. The health stats are crazy when you compare this recipe to the blue box stuff. If you wanted to see for yourself, click on the Hungry Girl link under the photograph. She has them posted on her website.

  3. thanks amie will do. my Mom swears by laughing cow...

    Tera Pepper

  4. amie this sounds really good i want to try and make it when im at home!

    Sara Martin

  5. You will love it Sara! Super creamy and delicious!



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