Monday, March 26, 2012

New Publication- "edible Cleveland" and a chance to win! (Giveaway now Closed!)

Oh boy, I have been waiting for this for a long time! Being a food magazine hoarder myself, I always wished for one that concentrated on the amazing qualities, restaurants, chefs, markets and everything else that Cleveland has to offer.  I would read other food magazines out there, and although their recipes and stories would be lovely, it was very rare when something truly hit home.  I would find places to dine when on vacation, dreams of meeting famous chefs all over the world and aspirations of foreign lands.  Well as being a stay at home mom of two busy little boys our traveling time has been cut way back.  We scrimp and save pennies as much a possible and instead of finding fun and excitement all over the world we have been loving all that our own city has to offer.  And Cleveland has a lot!  We are so blessed to live in a city that is so proud of its accomplishments.  We may be small but our food scene is a BIG one!  And you don't always have to spend a lot to have a blast experiencing them.

So an answer to my prayers has finally come.    This quarterly magazine edible Cleveland, will feature all the things that you want to know about the Cleveland area and so much more.  I know that when I go out and dine at my favorite local restaurant, or shop at the busy farmers market down the street I am truly inspired by the food I eat and the eggs or veggies I hold in my hands.  It becomes personal.  And now it can grow into even more then that.  I would love to learn how those farmers got their start, how they have changed over the years and what their plans are for the future.  Now I will be able to!  edible Cleveland has promised these things:
We created edible Cleveland to bring attention to the people and stories that make up our local food community. edible Cleveland serves as resources for finding out what's in season, who’s producing it, and where you can find it. Every season the quarterly publication will introduce you to the people instrumental in making Cleveland’s food scene so vibrant. 
Every issue of edible Cleveland will express our core values: 
Beauty counts. We want to publish a magazine that’s worthy of the paper it’s printed on. Striking photography, the well-turned phrase, and a gorgeous layout combine to create an experience that feels remarkably indulgent. Browsing the pages of edible Cleveland will be an inspiration, and every issue will be an object of beauty.
Be optimistic. edible Cleveland is a celebration. As such, we will strive to tell the stories that extend our sense of community, deepen our understanding of practices, satisfy our curiosities about food, and cultivate a vibrant food culture.
Local matters. Although edible Cleveland is a member of a thriving national movement, the focus of our work is local, and it will stay that way. We will work with local writers and artists to capture the people, places and food that make up our region’s particular culinary culture.
Be of value. edible Cleveland will be a resource for everyone interested in our food culture and will strive to bridge the gap between those who love food and their food sources.
edible Cleveland is currently in the works and is already accepting subscriptions!  Yay!  A years subscription is $28 and you can get it here: Subscribe Today.

But they have also offered up an amazing giveaway to all of my readers!  You each have a chance to win a years subscription to edible Cleveland!!!  How fun is that?!!  All you need to do in the comments below is tell me what local person would you like to sit down to dinner with?  Is it our very own Iron Chef America, the chef of a local restaurant, the butcher of your favorite shop inside the Westside Market, that farmer you chat with each Saturday morning when you pick up your weekly CSA, or maybe even a local food blogger like me?!  You tell me- you can't get it wrong.  Our food scene is overflowing with amazing dinner guests!

Tell me about it here (no facebook or twitter this time!) and that is all it takes!  Hurry up you only have until April 2nd to enter and then I will draw a winner with the help of  This is super awesome so don't waste any time.

To read even more about edible Cleveland please hop over to their sites and check them out!

Edible Communities:

Now go enter!!!


  1. Tough question! We are so lucky to have such a great variety of awesomeness here in Cleveland. If I HAVE to pick just one, I would have to go with the easiest most obvious choice - Michael Symon. He's so funny and talented - I know it would be a dinner to remember...especially if he was cooking!

  2. I would like to sit down and have a meal with Parker Bosley. He is the true chef in Cleveland that really started the " local " movement and supported the farmers and vendors who were based in Cleveland. A true pioneer as far as I am concerned

  3. How about my local dinner table instead of just one person? I'd go with Farmer Lee Jones (one of the most entertaining people I've ever met), Jonathon Sawyer (for his passion about Cleveland and farm to table dining), Michael Symon (for his laugh and great personality) and Chris Hodgson (for his drive and creative perspective he brings to everything he does).

  4. I have to go with my first thought--Michael Symon. I just want to hear him laugh!

  5. I am still getting to know the area so it's hard for me to say! I would probably go with Michael Symon because he is so well known that the celebrity factor would put me in awe - along with all my friends. :)

  6. I'm totally with Tracey, I'd LOVE to sit down to dinner with Michael Symon. He seems like such a great guy, I love to watch him on TV, and it helps that he's a hottie as well ;-)

  7. I'd like to sit down to dinner with someone who hasn't had a decent meal in ages.

  8. I think it is easy for me. I have always loved Michael Symon. He is just the most jolly and happy guy, and such a talented chef. I LOVE that he wholeheartedly supports his Cleveland roots and heritage. I love to watch him on Iron Chef, The Next Food Network Star, and The Chew. He is just a fun and wonderful person. I also love that he loves his wife and family so much.

  9. I just went to the Naked Sushi event yesterday and learned a little more about Dante, so I think it would be cool to have dinner with him. Since he's done some research/work in Italy, I want to see if he can acquire or recreate the Calabrese nduja (nn-doo-yah), which is a spreadable smoked pork and chili pepper mixture to spread on bread or mix with sauce.

    My cousins are retired butchers there and they used to make it. Maybe he can too!

  10. i would like to dine with the mayor of Cleveland so that i might impress upon him a greater urgency to helping foster the local food movement. 2nd choice the media leaders of Cleveland for the same reasons, get them to publicize as a community service weekly farm market updates.

  11. I'd love to have dinner (and wine) with Jonathan Sawyer's wife Amelia...her blog always makes me luagh out loud.

  12. I'd definitely have to go with Michael Symon. I would just have to hope I'm not too star struck, but I think Michael would be great at making me relax. Side Story: It took me 3 times of seeing Michael Ruhlman at an event (and some major encouragement from my husband) before I finally had the courage to go have a conversation with him.

  13. I would totally have dinner with Michael Ruhlman!

  14. I know it's been said but I'd have to go with michael symon. My friends and coworkers laugh because I totally have a crush on him but I think his love for Cleveland is what makes me think he'd be fantastic to have dinner with :)



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