Monday, March 5, 2012

Named one of the 32 Most Entertaining Blogs of Cleveland- Me!

Proud, Honored, Excited, Thrilled, Blown Away, Stunned, and Appreciative are just a few of the feelings I felt when my friend Crystal of Eat*Drink*Cleveland told me that I was listed in this March's issue of Cleveland Magazine as being one of the Top 32 Most Entertaining Blogs in Cleveland.  WOW!!  Crystal is also listed which makes it extra sweet!  Actually tons of my friends and fellow bloggers are on the list- I think a party is in our near future...!

Today Voting has begun and I would love it if you could lend a hand and a vote!  This is indeed a contest to move each of us to the top, March Madness style entitled "Nothing But Net".  Yay, I don't know much about sports either, but I do love the computer reference!  There are A LOT of heavy hitters in the running, in just my bracket alone (Food and Drink).  And just to be surrounded by so many talented bloggers makes me feel Delighted, Over Joyed, Radiant, Splendid and already like a Winner.

But I must admit, it would be pretty darn cool to really, win, win.

So if you could, please click on the link and give me a vote.  It took me about 30 seconds to do it myself this morning.  You may vote again every single Monday (don't worry, I will remind you!).  Let's bring this one home My Retro Kitchen!!

You can "like" Cleveland Magazine on Facebook and follow them on twitter @ClevelandMag for any upcoming details!

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