Monday, October 29, 2012

Rosie The Riveter says "My Retro Kitchen Can Do It!"

What are you all being for Halloween on Wednesday?  This year I had an opportunity to go up to the islands for an Adult Only Halloween party.  It forced me to get a bit creative with a costume, oh so much fun!  I don't remember the last time I got to do this (pre-kids, maybe even pre-marriage!!). And the best part- now I get to wear my costume twice!  We are talking a lot about the roll of the woman in my Bible Class this year and it got me thinking..... and Rosie the Riveter was born.

It is never a good time for a hurricane- but the forecast for Halloween here in Ohio is 100% rain.  I am so disappointed for the kids.  They look forward to this all year.  To make the best of it all, I think our plan will be to hit as many of houses for Trick or Treating, umbrella in hand, and then head back to the house for a full-blown Halloween Party.  Time to put the thinking caps on (and search Pinterest of course!!) for some games and other goodies for the night.  Do you need to change your plans much this year too?  Please let me know in the Comments Section how you are planing on spending the evening this year and of course your costumes- and even better, head over to my facebook page and share your pictures and ideas with me!!

I am in charge of dessert for the party.  There are SO many ideas swirling in my head!  I will share the final finished product and lots more pictures of course, so please check back!

Halloween hugs and kisses, 
Rosie the Rivetor 
aka "Amie" 

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