Monday, February 8, 2010

To go organic or not to go organic, that is the question....

Well, if I absolutely could (and in the summer months I do a darn good job of it) I would buy nothing but organic produce.  The pesticides that go onto so many conventional fruits and vegetables is so high and so bad for you I have a hard time bringing myself to buy them.  Some time's though, it isn't always so easy- especially in the dead of winter.  I like to use this guide (below) as a reminder of which fruits and vegetables are super full of pesticides and which ones are on the safer side.  By now I have this list pretty well memorized, but I still carry around one that I printed and cut out in my wallet for reference.  Also a great thing to remember is if there is a skin that you will be peeling off and throwing away (NOT EATING) you can save by buying those conventional, for example oranges (keep in mind if you plan on using the zest of the oranges or lemons.  If so choose organic), bananas, onions, corn, etc.  If you will be eating the outside (apples, pears, strawberries-the worst!, peaches, etc) then please choose organic.  You might pay a little bit more, but isn't your health worth it?

If you would like to do a little more reading on the benefits of choosing organic please check out these websites.  They are eye-opening!

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  1. Amie, you know I have been trying to go ALL organic for quite sometime. It's hard when you live in the midwest and snow covers the ground for the better half of the year. I try to get most of my produce directly from the source...I tell myself, "the longer the fuit or veggies has to travel to the store" then the more pesticides that are probably on them...You never really have a good idea either of just how much "crap" we ingest...Thanks for posting this. Amie...
    Tera Pepper



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