Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cornflake Cookie Hearts

February I was in charge of bringing something yummy to share to my monthly MUMs group (Mom's Uplifting Moms).  I usually bring an egg dish of some sort, but as I said in my last post, grocery shopping still hadn't been done and I didn't have anything good to mix into my eggs.  And just plain old baked eggs with nothing yummy like cheese, peppers, or sausage is oh so boring.  So with a little brainstorming (and scouring around my pantry for ingredients) I decided to make one of my favorite cookies from my childhood.  We would always make them with my Grandma Trapp at Christmas time, and it was something my sister and I would always look forward to.  They are traditionally died green and made into wreaths with Red Hot's posing as berries, but since Valentine's Day is right around the corner I was inspired to make cookie hearts instead.

Cornflake Cookie Hearts

1 bag large marshmallows
1/3 cup butter or margarine
6 cups cornflakes
a couple dashes food coloring, in this instance I used red for the hearts
Pam, or other nonstick cooking spray (olive oil will work too if you don't have Pam onhand)

In a large pot under low heat melt your butter until completely smooth.  Add your marshmallows and continually stir until all of them are melted and smooth.  Add a few drops of your red food coloring and mix well until completely blended and is the color of your liking.  Remove from heat and add your cornflakes.  Mix well.  Using a small measuring cup sprayed with Pam, spoon out your cookies and place onto a Silpat or wax paper/ parchment paper that has also been sprayed with Pam.  You will want to move kind of quickly so your batch doesn't begin to harden in the pot.  While the dollops of cornflakes are still warm, spray fingers with Pam and carefully form your mounds into little hearts.  Let cool completely and store in a single layer in an airtight container.  If you need to stack, place be sure to lay parchment paper in between the layers so they don't stick together.

I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!


  1. Amie, I do remember the Christmas Wreath Cookies. They were always the first to disappear on your mom's cookie platter. I used to make them too when Kyle and Korey were younger. What a clever idea to adapt into a valentine cookie.

  2. so cute...and looks so good...



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