Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kitchen Tip of the Day- Reheating Pizza

Love leftover pizza, but hate the soggy crust that usually comes along with it once you reheat it in the microwave?  Me too!  So for today I wanted to share one of my favorite little tricks to make left over pizza taste as good the next time around as it did the first....  Reheat it in a frying pan!  Simple enough, right?

Spray a little Pam in your nonstick pan, turn the heat on low (for you don't want your crust to burn before your cheese is melted) and then put a lid on it to keep the steam inside making your cheese nice and gooey.   Check on the bottom of the pizza every now and then so you can adjust your heat if it is getting too dark too quickly.

This method takes a touch longer (usually about 5 minutes to reheat, verses 2) but having a nice crunchy crust on day two makes it oh so worth the extra 3 minutes!  This tip is particularly helpful for thin crust and homemade pizzas that don't hold up in the fridge as well and get soggy faster from the added moisture.


  1. Now EVERYONE knows that PIZZA is my weakness. Thanks for the tips...I usually through the leftover pizza in the microwave and it's soggy. This seems quick and easy and sounds like it rehashes the "crunch"... will try it..
    Tera Pepper

  2. Oh just wait until you try it, Tera. It makes such a difference!



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