Monday, February 1, 2010

Local Farmers Markets

There is no reason not to buy fresh and buy local!  There is a Farmers Market in almost every city in the surrounding area.  Find one closest to you and have fun!

Farmers Markets

East Side of Cleveland
West Side of Cleveland
  • Medina Farmers Market (Medina City Square) Saturday 9-1, Mid June- Mid September

Downtown Cleveland
Geauga County
Summit County

"City Fresh seeks to meet the needs of both urban and rural communities by improving access to fresh locally grown food for urban residents and marketing opportunities in the city for local farms.  The City Fresh program impacts the local food system through the development of neighborhood food centers, nutrition education, urban market garden training, and the cultivation of direct farm to business connections...

The Fresh Stop offers a way for neighbors to easily connect with food that is locally grown by farmers within the City and in the countryside... All food available at a Fresh Stop is picked up directly from participating farmers and brought to your neighborhood."

Fresh Stop Locations - Cuyahoga County 


  1. Your blogs are FANTASTIC and your pictures make my mouth water. Seriously, you're an artist, Amie! I can actually smell the grapes and apples above. Mmmmmmmmm, thanks for that!!

  2. Thanks Hannah! Those pictures were taken last fall at Mapleside Apple Farm. The grapes were so huge and just about bursting with juice, they were amazing. Yummmm. I can't wait until it is time for fresh produce again! I need to check out some of these Indoor Winter Markets. Could be a perfect thing to do to get out of the Wintertime Blues, you know? Have you ever been to one?

  3. *Correction- those pictures were actually taken at Red Wagon Farms! They are both such wonderful places, I somehow mixed them up.

  4. Local Farmer's Market Season is right around the corner - next weeek, May 1 in Atlanta. I wanted to give you another reason to frequent them. I found 3 new cookbooks this spring that give you ideas on how to pick fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as ideas and recipes for cooking and preserving. All 3 books are informative and they all have beautiful photos -- and if that is not enough to entice you to buy fresh and local -- I don't know what is....

    "COOKING FROM THE FARMERS' MARKET - shop cook & eat" William Sonoma

    "FARMERS MARKET COOKBOOK - a fresh look at local flavor" Southern Living - Oxmoor House

    "EATING LOCAL - the cookbook inspired by America's farmers" Sur la table / Janet Fletcher

    I guarantee if you read any of these books, you will be inspired to go the farmers market to find the vegetables and fruit featured in the recipes. The food is just that fresh -- like Amie's pictures on this blog.

  5. Kathleen, I just requested all three of those books from the library. I can't wait to get my hot little hands on them! I am so excited to make a Saturday morning ritual of hitting up the fabulous farmer's markets this year. I know that Jackson will get a kick out of it, and the idea of eating wonderful local stuff gets me giddy.



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